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VeraAnn Photography!

My name is Vera Crane. My photography began with a simple camera, and my taking photographs of my children a long time ago.

I started with just taking simple snap shots of my kids, as most people do. What I discovered was that I really enjoyed the results.

I became so interested in photography that I started taking my camera everywhere. It seemed that I was taking photos of anyone whenever I could. People liked them, so I would give them away because I simply enjoyed the joy it brought to people when I captured something they were not able to!

 Soon it became a passion of mine. I wanted to become a great photographer. I went on a mission to perfect my skills. 

It took me many years, working side by side with some of the best photographers in New England. I spent time taking classes, completing certifications in portraiture, posing, lighting, and more.

I feel that I learned from the best of the best. To this day I am still constantly taking classes to improve my technique. I know I can always do better.

I love working with people of all ages. I love attending events that are once in a life time opportunities for people to capture special moments in their lives with photos!

I am not done learning. I still want to get better. I have reached a high level of professionalism, which means I get paid for my work . But, to this day, as when I started, I am truly rewarded from the feedback I hear from my piers, my clients, my family, and of course Facebook friends. I look forward to the opportunity to create lasting memories for you and your families. 

You have to check out my work. When you see what I have done you will know if I am the right person for you and yours.

Just ask and perhaps we can create some special memories with my photography.